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Conversion FAQ

Q: Will my account number change?
A: Your member number will stay the same, but there no longer have letters for individual account suffixes.   

Q: Do I need to contact my payroll department about my direct deposit?
A: No.  Direct Deposits and preauthorized drafts will continue without interruption.   

Q: Do I need new checks or a new debit card?
A: No.  Your Debit cards and checks will work just fine.   

Q: Will my Visa credit card work during the upgrade?
A: Absolutely.  No changes are being made to our Visa card program. You may get account information by logging in to

New and Improved

Q: What improvements will I notice after the upgrade?

A: Glad you asked! Here are a few:
1-You can pay bills directly from your phone using eMobile 2-Receipts can be e-mailed to you 3-Alerts and reminders can be sent to your phone from your eBanking 4-Electronic loan document can be signed on any device

Q: Are there changes in my local branch?

A: Yes! You’ll notice that we’ve installed digital pads to capture signatures, which allows us to send your receipt to your e-mail account.  We will begin scanning identification documents to improve security.  Other documents can be digitally signed as well, like loan documents.  Then we can send your documents to you electronically.


Q: When will the credit union be closed for the upgrade?
A: We’ll be closed on Monday, December 3. Our offices will be open normal hours on Friday November 30 and Tuesday December 4.

Q: Will I be able to use the shared branch while the credit union is closed for the upgrade?

A: No, shared branches will not be available on Saturday December 1 or Monday December 3.

Debit card / ATM Use

Q: Will I be able to use the ATM to get cash while the credit union is closed for the upgrade?

A: Yes, but the amount you can withdraw will be limited.

Q: Will my debit card work during the upgrade?
A: Yes, but your purchases will be limited to the lesser of your account balance or $500 per day.

Q: How much can I withdraw from the ATM?

A: ATM withdrawals will be limited to $210 per day.

Q: Can I check my balance at the ATM?

A: No. Balance inquiries will not be available.

Q: Are other debit card transactions allowed during the upgrade?
Third-party transactions such as PayPal, Amazon Pay and Square will be denied.


Q: Will I be able to use eBanking during the upgrade?

A: No.  One big part of our upgrade is a completely new eBanking program. We expect it to be fully installed before we open on Tuesday December  4.

Q: Will my eBanking login change?

A: Yes.
You will be required to re-register for eBanking.  To re-register, you will use your member number as your eBanking ID.  Your initial password will be the last six digits of your social security number.  The system will prompt you to choose an eBanking login, and walk you through our new security setup.

Q: Will I be able to see my account history online after the upgrade?
A: Your online history will not be visible, but eStatements for the past six months will be available.

Q: Where can I find first-time login instructions for eBanking?

A: Click the link “FIRST-TIME eBANKING LOGIN” in column three for a printable copy of instructions.

Q: Can I use Mobile Deposit during the upgrade?

A: No. Mobile Deposit will be available beginning Tuesday December 4.

Q: Can I make transfers during the upgrade?
A: No. Your ability to transfer funds will begin once eBanking access is restored.

Q: Will my scheduled transfers continue after the upgrade?

A: Absolutely.  Any transfers you have scheduled in eBanking will continue as normal after our upgrade is completed.

Q: Will my eStatements be available?

A: Six months’ worth of eStatements will be available in eBanking.  We recommend that you download or print any eStatements that you would like to access after our upgrade.

Q: Will I still be able to use the Z-Line telephone teller?

A: No.  We are discontinuing this service on November 30 as we transition to our new state of the art app for your smartphone.


Q: Will I be able to use eMobile during the upgrade period?

A: No, the app will not be available after 5:00 pm on Friday November 30. 

Q: Do I have to download a new app?
A: Since our eMobile app is brand new, you’ll have to delete the current app you are using now and download the new one from iTunes or the Google App store.

Q: Will my eMobile log-in be the same?

A: You will log in to eBanking first with a computer, tablet or smart device, to set up your new eBanking ID.  Once you’ve completed this step, eMobile will use the same credentials to log-in.


Q: Can I use ePay during the upgrade?

A: No. ePay will not be available until eBanking access is restored.

Q: Will I have to set up my payees again to use ePay?

A: No.  All payees should be available after our upgrade.

Q: When is the last day I can set up a new payee in ePay?

A: We recommend that you not add a new payee after November 26th.

Q: What if I have a bill due to be produced between December 1 and December 3?

A: Bills with these due dates will be produced on December 3.

Q: When is the last day I can set up a bill to be paid prior to the upgrade?
A: November 28th is the last day to schedule a bill that will be paid before the upgrade.

Q: Is there anything else I need to do to make sure my ePay continues uninterrupted?

A: We encourage you to review your payees and your upcoming payments after the upgrade is completed to insure everything is in order.

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