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Be a part of guiding a $50+ million financial institution into the future

Help others strengthen their finances

Use your skills and talents to give something back to your community

Because Veritas is a member-owned institution, we rely on members of our own cooperative community to serve on the Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors. Volunteers represent the best interests of VFCU members, safeguard the Credit Union through financially-sound decision-making, and guide strategy and policy decisions. While serving on the Board, volunteers may weigh in on many areas including improved member satisfaction and technology, compensation plans, branch enhancements, product development and marketing. Volunteers will encounter many opportunities to learn, develop leadership skills and business acumen, and build a large professional network.


VFCU members elect board members who serve three-year terms.

  • Set future strategy

  • Develop policies

  • Review executive progress in achieving goals and objectives

  • Represent the interest of the entire membership

  • Report to VFCU members at the annual meeting

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • Have access to free training and education to help them fulfill their roles


Supervisory Committee Members, appointed by the Veritas Board of Directors, serve a one-year term.

  • Verify credit union records

  • Monitor financial controls and procedures

  • Work with VFCU’s external audit firm

  • Meet on a monthly basis

  • Have access to free training and education to help them fulfill their roles

  • Great stepping stone to serving on the board

Apply for a Volunteer Position

The Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are very important to the success of the VFCU member community. For this reason, we ask the applicants meet all the following important qualifications:

  • VFCU member in good standing

  • At least 18 years of age and bondable

  • Available for all monthly and occasional special meetings

  • Willing to attend planning sessions and training programs at the credit union’s expense

  • Able to work as a team member

  • Not a relative or family member of, or in a significant relationship with, a VFCU employee, Director, or Supervisory Committee member

To apply, please email the volunteer application to VFCUnc@veritasfcu.org.