The Social Financial Game

Cashy is a financial education game where players compete among family and friends. The game focuses on financial decisions you make throughout the game to balance your assets AND happiness. Overall rank is based on net worth PLUS a happiness score.

This game REQUIRES a host who starts the game from a PC or smart TV.

brought to you by VFCU and Cashy


Hosts and players Register Here first. Don’t forget your password so that you can log in quickly any time you play.

  • The Beginner game consists of 5 rounds or “years” and will take about 40 minutes to play, depending on your players.
  • The Experienced game consists of 10 rounds or “years” and can be used for longer gameplay.
  • FOR SCHOOLS: This Experienced game can be used in a classroom setting for starting a class with a 5-minute fun activity on 10 consecutive days. The host will log back into the game dashboard daily, select the appropriate game, and click “continue.” Players need to log in to the game each day.

How to Play – SET UP

To play either game, the host goes to (on a PC or smart TV) and logs in to get to their dashboard. Next, the host clicks “Start a game” and waits for players to join. (If the host has not pre-registered, they will click the “Play now” button and will need to register, confirm the email address from their email account, and then log in. The host will log in with their registered email address and password.)

Players then join the game on their favorite device by going to on their browser or scanning the QR code on the host’s screen. The QR code will take a player directly to the host’s game and the player will need to log in. If the player uses the URL, they will need to log in and click the “Play now” button where they can enter the 6-digit code (from the hosts’ screen) at the prompt. Players can join the game even in the middle of the game by joining with the 6-digit code shown at the bottom of the host’s screen.

How to Play – PLAYERS

Players and the host are now in the game. Each “year” lasts 5 minutes.

  1. All players start with $2000 and 80% happiness.
  2. Players will be asked to choose a random job, select expenses, and invest.
  3. When the player has made the choices in these three categories, they flip the button to “Yes” to complete the round.
  4. When all players have completed the set-up round called “Year 1,” the host will click the button on the screen that says “End the year now.”
  5. As the host clicks “Next,” players will see corresponding screens on their devices which will summarize their own happiness score, their savings, their investment news, and their current placement in the game.
  6. The host clicks “Start a new year.” Players will now notice 5 icons on the bottom of their device: Overview, Income, Expenses, Assets, and Players. “Overview” takes the player to the home screen where there are 3 steps for the player to complete. “Income,” “Expenses,” and “Assets” will direct players to corresponding screens. “Players” is a list of the players on the top of the Veritas Leaderboard.
  7. After the three steps are completed, the player will return to “Overview” and flip the button to “Yes” to end their round.
  8. Return to step 4 and repeat until all “Years” are completed.

The game will be different every time you play. A monthly prize* will be awarded to the person at the top of the Veritas Leaderboard by close of business on the last business day of the month. Keep playing. You never know where you’ll end up!

Keep your eye out for a Veritas Cashy Tournament from time to time for special prizes. Any tournament will be announced on our social pages and/or via email news.

*Open to individuals, ages 13 and older. To qualify for the prize, you must register using your real name and email address. Membership with Veritas Federal Credit Union is not required to win. Non-members who win will be notified via the registered email and will receive a VISA Gift Card or, if eligible, have the option to have the prize deposited into a VFCU account. Current Veritas Federal Credit Union members will be contacted via their registered email and can choose between a VISA Gift Card or a direct deposit into the account of their choosing. The winner is determined by the first-place participant on the Leaderboard at the close of business on the last day of the month. The leaderboard may be reset on the first business day of the month. Winners must claim their prize within 10 days of notification by VFCU. Must be living in the United States to win. Monthly prizes may be discontinued at VFCU’s discretion.