The Heat Wave Continues with CD RATES this HOT!

Boost your savings by locking into our current Certificate Specials. Enjoy guaranteed rates and watch your money grow.

  • Rates are 5.21% APY* for 11 months, 5.51% APY* for 15 months, or 5.60% APY* for 7 months.
  • $5,000 to open
  • With funds from outside VFCU
  • CD is non-renewable; when it matures, the funds are transferred to your savings account.

If you decide to withdraw the funds prior to the maturity date, a penalty of six months’ dividends will be assessed, whether the dividend been paid or not.

Stop in and see one of our MSRs to get set up, or you can set up a certificate through eBanking by clicking the Services tab, and then selecting the Continue button by Open Subaccount.