Fee Schedule

Effective May 1, 2021

Description Fee
Account Reconcilement (per hour) $25
Account Verification Fee (Mortgage) $25
ATM Deposit Error Fee (per item) $2
Beneficiary Demand of Statement (per item) $50
Bill Pay Services
  • Expedited Payment (per item)
  • Overnight Payment (per item)
  • Payment Cancellation by VFCU Staff (per item)
Cash Advance
  • Member VFCU Card (at Branch)
1% of advance
  • Member VFCU Card (out of Branch)
3% of advance
  • Non-Member Credit Card
3% of advance
Cashier’s Check (per item) $5
Check Copies (per item) $5
Closed Account Fee (under 91 days of opening) $25
Collection of Non-US Check (per item) $15
Courier Service (per item) at VFCU cost
Document Research/Subpoena Fee (per hour, minimum 1 hour) $25
Early Club Withdrawal (per transaction) $10
Excessive ATM Withdrawal Share Account (per item) $2
Excessive Transfer (per item) $2
Express Mail Service $25
Forced Place Collateral Insurance (per event) $50
Description Fee
GAP Insurance $499
Inactive Account (after 5 months) $3
International ACH Transfer (IAT) (per item) $10
IRA Annual Maintenance Fee $20
Late Charge for Loan Per Loan Terms
Legal Processing Fee (per occurrence) $50
Loan Processing $25
Lost ATM / Debit Card / PIN (per item) $25
Lost ATM / Debit Card / PIN Rush (per item) $50
Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Varies.
Member Money Order (per item) $1
Member Notary (2 free at same occurrence; 3 or more assessed fee) Free / $10
Member Personal Check Order Varies.
Non-Member or Non-CoOp ATM Transaction $3
Non Member Cashing of Member Draft (per item) $5
Non-Member Payroll Check Cashing (per item) $5
Non-Member Money Order (per item) $3
Non-Member Notary (per signature) $10
NSF Item: ATM Empty Envelope (per item) $35
NSF Item: Paid / Returned (per item) $35
Opportunity Checking Open Account Fee $25
Opportunity Checking Monthly Account Fee $10
Returned Mail Fee (per item) $5
Returned Deposit / Payment (per item) $35
Description Fee
Statement Copy (per page) $2
Statement Hard-Copy Mailed (monthly/quarterly) $2
  • Members 18 and under, or 65 and older, are exempt from this fee.
Stop Payment (per item) $35
Subordination Agreement (per item) $50
Teller Check to Third Party (per item) $3
VISA Late Charge $25
VISA Lost Card / PIN (per item) $20
VISA Lost Card / PIN Rush (per item) $50
Wire Transfer  
  • Incoming / Outgoing Domestic (per item)
  • Incoming / Outgoing Foreign (per item)