5 Reasons to Open a Checking Account with Veritas FCU

You may be one of those who has a checking account at a bank somewhere. You might feel it’s a hassle to change financial institutions. Or maybe you’re one of the millions who don’t have a checking account anywhere. You’d rather keep your money “safe” at home.

Our society’s structure favors those with accounts. So virtually everyone, from teenagers on up, can benefit from opening a checking account. Let’s give you some motivation to take a closer look at the benefits of opening a checking account with VFCU, your credit union.

1 You get benefits.

Rest easy with a VFCU checking account with no opening minimum balance, no hidden fees, and no transaction limits. With 24/7 online banking, you can opt for eStatements so you don’t have so much paper to manage (and it helps your wallet, and the planet, too!) Deposit checks through our App just by taking a picture of the checks, using RDC (Remote Deposit Capture). Pay bills online, check balances at a glance, and even get dividends back into your account. When’s the last time your big bank gave you money back that you didn’t have to jump through hoops for?

2 It’s easy to manage your money.

Your first introduction to Veritas may have been through a loan. And, to get a loan, you had to be a member, so you purchased a share ($25). But when you open a checking account with us, too, you can get a single view of your financial situation in one place, whether it’s through eBanking or our App. Your money can be direct deposited so you don’t even have to visit (unless you like seeing our smiling faces!) Link your account with budgeting software (such as Mint) to streamline your money management further. This is especially useful for those who want to use a checking account to learn about budgeting and managing money.

3 A VFCU checking account is a way to keep your money safe.

Even if you have a secure place, like a safe, to put your money, having cash in your home attracts thieves and, in the event of a disaster, your money can be destroyed by fires or floods. When you have your money in a credit union checking account, it is not only stored in a secure place, but it is also insured. Veritas Federal credit union is insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA). NCUA insurance covers up to $250,000 per person, per account.

4 Get branch and ATM access across the US.

If you prefer to deal in mostly cash, you can make checking account deposits or withdrawals regularly and easily almost anywhere you are. You may not know this, but VFCU is part of CO-OP Shared Branching with many other credit unions across the US. CO-OP allows you to walk into over 5,800 credit union branches, and do business just like you were walking into one of our branches. That’s more branch access than any of the 3 largest US banks (by branch size)! Add to that, our membership in CO-OP provides more surcharge-free ATMs than just about any other bank, about 30,000 across the US and 117 outside the US! How’s that for a benefit?

5 Leave a paper trail.

If you pay bills or other expenses in cash, you run the risk of the payment not being tracked or credited appropriately. What do you do if you pay a $250 bill with cash and the payment doesn’t get credited to your account? Can you prove that you even made the payment? When you’re paying with a debit card, or via online bill pay, everything gets tracked via statements and transaction ledgers. With a VFCU checking account, you have a paper trail to prove every payment you ever make.

Why open a VFCU checking account?

Let us help you over the “hassle” with our Switch Kit. We make it easy for you or your kids. If you are thinking about opening a checking account, we’re here to help. We will show you how to open a checking account, and answer your questions. Call us today to get started.